Perhaps your custom is to purchase a whole curriculum at one time. Maybe the thing that appeals to
you is to receive a lower price by buying a whole curriculum as a package. In our purchase opportunity,
we have measured a “best buy price” and “best sequence of purchase” for you, and we offer it to you up
As you purchase each eBook, Section by Section, you’ll receive in your download all material required to
teach the Section you purchased.
For example, with Section One of Part One, you’ll receive Section One along with other material you
will integrate throughout Part One. You’ll also receive Free Materials that explain the history, hows,
and whys of this way of teaching. Be sure to download everything offered with the Section One
Madsen Method is a sequential course of study.
We want you to be successful.
We also want you to speak well of our course of study. If a testimony turns into, “It doesn’t work,”
and the reason for that testimony is an attempt has been made to insert “windows” where no “walls”
have been erected, how will those who hear this testimony know that the reason for its negative
appraisal is not the course’s fault.
Our confidence in the efficacy of this course is over the top. Therefore, we are protecting both your
success and this course of study’s reputation by generating the graduated membership purchasing


Along with the course, we also offer experienced and free consultation. You are not expected to (nor do
you need to) struggle, be experimental or guess at any time during this course of instruction. Contact us
with your consulting request at this e-mail address:

Part 1 Section 1       Part 1 Section 2

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